Reader Comments

Well written, humorous, accurate and highly interesting. As a vet, I found the epilogue particularly moving. Buy it, you’ll have a hard time putting it down.

–Joe, 6/4/17

Dan Daly and I were roommates for our 4 years in college and we have been friends for the 56 years since we first met. Several years ago Dan told me that he wanted to write this book but that he was concerned that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to actually get it published. But I learned in college that Dan is very tenacious. And now as a result of his unfailing persistence, the book is published.

Over the years, I have heard many of the stories that make up “White Water”. But knowing Dan as I do, and having read them in the context of the book and in the process hearing Dan’s voice telling them to me again, I realized that I enjoyed them best in this most recent telling. One of Dan’s first editors remarked upon reading an early draft of the book, “I never thought I would laugh about the war in Vietnam, but your book made me do that.” That is one of many things that Dan has accomplished with this book. Most importantly, I think he has increased the likely hood that his stories will make people think, no matter what they might have been thinking in the ’60s and ‘70s, that these guys should be thanked for their service.

–William Beers, 5/23/17 

I served as Officer in Charge of PCF-5 at An Thoi for the year 1967. I had met Dan during training and being from Massachusetts, we met after his return. I did not know that he had written this book. IT WAS SUPERB from someone who has lived the experience. We were at opposite ends of the country but the tour experience was the same. To me it is most important to focus the good things we did, the lives we saved, the people we took care of, the cohesion of our crews, and not the “war stories” which were a necessary part of our military service. We were all very proud to have served as we did and certainly wished we were received in a better light upon returning. Thank you Dan for telling our story and hopefully others will read and appreciate our service.

–Allyn F. Sullivan, CAPT USNR, 4/19/17

Daly has just authored a fascinating book about his experience with US Navy Swift Boats. But it is so much more. It is about pride in one’s country, dedication, and leadership, all wrapped in an action-packed account of his crew’s service in Vietnam.

He teaches us why soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines have such pride in their outfits. Daly also peppers the book with humorous stories of the side-splitting stuff sailors do to effectively work within (and around) the military bureaucracy.

I recommend it highly. It’s a great read. I’m buying copies for all my kids.

–James F. Dowd, 4/11/17

I served in Da Nang during the time Dan writes about. I was aboard the YR-71 as we supported the Coasties and the Swift Boats. The book brought back a tremendous number of memories. I am also certain that I probably bumped elbows with Dan either in one of the clubs or if he was having work done on his boat at YR-71. I could not put the book down as each page literally brought back a flood of memories. Dan, thank you for a wonderful read.

–Ernest Janssen, 6/30/16

Hello Dan, I’m your “Snipe” from the 76 boat. Reading your book was truly a delight. Each page and chapter took me back to a time when we were young and strong; brave and fearless; and hopeful for a bright and prosperous future. I am especially impressed with the details of so many events that happened to us over 47 years ago. From that trial run and the race with the Navy destroyer until the flying of the “last patrol going home” flag, the precious memories of my time as a member of the crew of PCF 76 will always be among my most cherished. Thank you Dan for remembering and may your book be a great success.

–Oscar E. Wells, 9/18/15

 I served as a Marine infantry officer in about the same timeframe. Dan Daly has done a wonderful job of describing the daily life, the camaraderie, the laughs, the dangers and the hardships endured by those who served. His style of writing is authentic. He combines a great sense of humor as well as the ability to describe the daily life onboard a small boat. You can tell that he both respected and admired the Marines. In my opinion, he missed his calling, he should’ve been but he is close. Thank you Dan and other Vietnam vets thank you as well.  Dan is one swift boat CO who served his entire tour and did not go home early. And whose troops respected him.

–Bill Wood, 9/14/15

I served on a destroyer in the early Vietnam War (1964-1965) in the South China Sea. This story is a wonderful account of the bonds developed by those who served on the Swift boats who also included some friends of mine. The story is told with great humor of an unpopular war that was fought very bravely by those who served. The tales of cumshaw and midnight requisitioning are great fun and bring back memories of what had to be done to get the job done. My hat is off to all of these brave men.

–Guy Maxwell Ule, Jr., 8/20/2015

Well written about the “Grey Ghosts of the VN coast’. Dan pays tribute to the small boat navy and the sailors that served with them. His writing brings back the vivid adrenalin shock of combat. You can smell the diesel fuel, see the tracers, hear the weapons and the static of radios. You actually are on patrol with Dan and his crew. You can’t put the book down.

–Edward J. Bergin, 8/1/2015

Great book. I was at the Swiftboat base at An Thoi for awhile, as we were turning the boats over to the South Vietnamese Navy. Daly captures the interpersonal relationships in a small boat crew perfectly. I think his having waited until many years after his experiences to write about them gave him perspective and insight that he might not have had in 1969. I recommend his book highly.

–FB, 7/19/2015

I have heard several of these stories before but I never thought I would enjoy them as much as I did in this book. In fact I would have bet that I wouldn’t have enjoyed a book on this topic. Wrong!

–William Beers, 6/21/2105

“I just finished reading “WHITE WATER, RED HOT LEAD” and thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought back memories of my few rides on Swift Boats going between Danang and Chu Lai and locations such as Cua Viet, Monkey Mountain, the “Stone Elephant” and Three MAF. I was so impressed I forwarded ordering information to those who also served with the Naval Investigative Service Office Vietnam.
–Duckhunter, 6/17/2015

“Just finished your book last night & had to tell you that I enjoyed it very much. I was at Coronado & then Vietnam at the same time you were. Thanks for telling our story so well. It certainly was enjoyable, to go back in time, seeing everything in my mind while reading. That alone made the book so much more real. I just purchased another book & had it sent to my Daughter.”

–Scuttlebutt5, 6/4/2015