Book Reviews

White Water Red Hot Lead is an extraordinary story of heroism and love set against a backdrop of small boat operations in Vietnam. Above all, this is a book of leadership and deserves a close read from but historians and leaders in today’s turbulent world.”

– Admiral James Stavridis USN, Dean, The Fletcher School, Tufts University, January 2017


“Dan Daly’s book captures the essence of the U.S. Navy small boats operations in Vietnam. Combat was never far away, we built the bonds of brotherhood, often with tears and laughter, where ‘above and beyond’ became the norm. You got it right. Bravo Zulu.”

– Thomas Kelly USN, Vietnam Veteran, MOH, January 2017


“I comment as a former Marine infantry platoon commander. Dan’s book propels you, in seconds, from the laid-back and tranquil to the chaos of a firefight. If you are seeking a realistic portrayal of combat leadership in Vietnam, this is it!”

– Beirne Lovely USMC, Khe Sanh, Vietnam 1968, January 2017


“Skipper, each page brought me back to the time when we were young and strong, brave and fearless. The events from 48 years ago: Drag racing a Navy destroyer in San Diego and flying that ‘last patrol, going home’ flag in Vietnam. A cherished memory is being part of the crew aboard PCF 76. ‘Thank you for remembering, Dan’.”

– Rev. Oscar E. Wells, Maj. US Army, Engineman 2nd Class USN, “Snipe”, January 2017


“Another fine book from Casemate that reads like fiction – amazing accounts of daring and courage in one of the worst wars in living history.”

– Books Monthly, March 2017


“I have to say that it is one of the most pleasant books that I have read, and the comradeship and love that these warriors felt for themselves and others is a bright ray of sunshine in a war history…An excellent book about a little known area of an almost forgotten war and one I thoroughly enjoyed. 4.5 stars.”

– ARRSE (Army Rumour Service) , April 2017